How to Talk to Your Blue Jay

Now that you have a Blue Jay living with you, you’ll need a reference list of a few Johns Hopkins-specific terms to help translate some of the things they say to you:

AMRs – Alumni Memorial Residences I and II are the traditional freshman residence halls that include common areas for studying, cooking and socializing. They are one of the three freshman housing options on campus.

Azafran – Students who venture to the Space Telescope Science Institute at the back of campus will discover a quiet spot to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch.

The Beach – No sand or lifeguards, but lots of Frisbee playing, sun tanning, studying and hanging out take place on this huge grassy hill bordered by Charles Street and the front of the MSE library (see below).

BMA - The Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA), adjacent to campus and home of the internationally renowned Cone Collection, is a “must do” when you visit your student. Admission is free.

BME – Short for Biomedical Engineering; this is the top program of its kind in the country.

Breezeway – This area of campus, located at the top of the stairway connecting the upper and lower quads, is a popular spot for student organizations to hold events.

Brody - Brody Learning Commons opened in 2012 and was built with our students in mind. A focal point of activity (both studious and social), it contains 16 group study rooms, a 75-seat Daily Grind café, a 100-seat quiet reading room, and the thing our students told us they wanted more than anything else—lots of natural light. 

Carma’s - Carma's Café features fresh and original foods and much coveted outdoor seating. For a sugar rush during study sessions, students munch on the pink dalmation cookies.

CVP – Charles Village Pub is a neighborhood pub located right across from campus and is a popular student hangout.

D-Level – The lowest level of the MSE Library and the spot to hit for serious studying.

Eddie’s - Eddie’s Market is a small, family-owned grocery store across from campus with all the basics, including a deli section featuring the yummy Smokin’ Jay sandwich.

Glass Pav – Located in Levering Hall, the Glass Pavilion with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls, is used for receptions and special events.

HAC Lab – Homewood (or Hopkins) Academic Computing Lab, more formally known as the Krieger Academic Computing Lab, is located in Krieger Hall and open 24-hours a day during the school year.

The Hut – The Hutzler Reading Room, located on the second floor of Gilman Hall, is open 24-hours a day for reading or studying.

J-Card/ J-Cash – The J-card is the official identification and access card for students. It can be pre-loaded with J-Cash for students to pay for purchases on and off campus.

Johns (as in Johns Hopkins) – No, it was not a typo in our founder’s name. Mr. Johns Hopkins was named for his paternal grandfather (the first Johns Hopkins), who was given his mother’s last name (Johns) as his first name. Hard to imagine that this seemingly small decision by Margaret Johns and Gerard Hopkins over two centuries ago, would lead to the name of a world class institution being perennially mispronounced.

Lower Quad – The Wyman Quadrangle, located at the southern end of campus, is bounded by Shriver, Shaffer, Maryland, Krieger (Rowland), Ames, Latrobe and Barton halls.

M-Level – The level of the MSE library where students tend to do more socializing than studying.

MSE – The main library on campus, the Milton S. Eisenhower Library, is the heart of the university and the center for both academic and social life. (See also Café Q, D-Level and M-Level.)

Nest (the Nest) – Just like the birds, Hopkins students flock to their Nest in this student-oriented seating section of Homewood Field, which is where the football, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer teams compete.

PJs – A local pub and hang-out frequented by the varsity sports teams (and their fans).

Rec Center – Buzzing with students, faculty and staff, the Ralph S. O’Connor Recreation Center is the best place on campus to blow off steam from exams and keep fit.

Uni-Mini – The University Market, a 24-hour convenience store across the street from campus, is best known by Hopkins students for its chicken parmesan sandwich (chicken parm).

Upper Quad – The Keyser Quadrangle is bounded by the Eisenhower Library and Gilman Hall at its ends and Ames, Krieger (Rowland), Mergenthaler and Remsen halls around its sides.

WaWa - The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity house was previously located above UniMini, which used to be a Wawa store (hence the nickname). Known for hunky Hopkins jocks and killer parties.