Welcome Prospective Parents

Whether your son or daughter is just beginning a college search, or has already made the big decision — excitement and change are in the air. Your child is embarking on an extraordinary journey. Perhaps it will lead to Johns Hopkins (we hope so!), but even if the path branches off in a different direction, some aspects of the process of finding the right school are universal. In addition to feeling excited, it is natural for both you and your student to experience some uncertainty as you venture into the next phase of your lives.

Your child may be the one heading off to college, but really it is the entire family that is experiencing the journey with a whole new set of relations and expectations. Each of you faces adjustments to your new roles. Your child, who has already accomplished so much, will be challenged with even more opportunities for personal growth and intellectual development. During this pivotal time, you and your family will be learning how to give support as needed without compromising new found independence. You’ve given them wings and now it’s time to allow them to fly — they’ve worked hard for this moment and so have you.

To learn more about being a Blue Jay parent explore the links provided on this page.  If you’d like to assist your student with navigating the Hopkins Admissions process, click on http://apply.jhu.edu/.